Product Disclaimer


PROFESSIONAL ONLY DISCLAIMER: Products sold on this website are for licensed and insured professionals only. These products should not be used by consumer, as this product contains high active ingredients which can damage the skin and hair. Purchaser of these products assumes all liability. BROW DOWN STUDIO PRO is not liable for any damage the products cause on the skin of themselves or their clients.


YOU MUST PERFORM THIS SKIN ALLERGY TEST 48 HOURS BEFORE EACH USE, EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY USED THIS OR ANOTHER LAMINATION PRODUCT WITHOUT AN ADVERSE REACTION. THE SKIN ALLERGY TEST IS THE BEST WAY TO LEARN IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO, OR ARE DEVELOPING SENSITIVITY TO, LAMINATION. BE AWARE: THIS TEST IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF AVOIDING FUTURE REACTIONS. Allergic reactions (itching, irritation, burning, redness, swelling or eruptions) to lamination products, including this product, can occur and, in rare instances, be severe. If you have ever experienced any of these symptoms while using this product, STOP using lamination products until you consult a doctor, as these are signs that you may have developed an allergy. HOW TO TEST: 1.Begin the patch test by cleansing a small area, behind the ear with the Brow Cleansing Foam. Rinse thoroughly with water, and pat dry. 2. On a cotton swab, apply a small amount of Step 1: Perm and apply to the cleanser area behind the ear. Repeat for Step 2: Neutralize. 3. Wait 15 minutes.4. Remove both solutions with a wet cotton round. 5. DO NOT WASH OR COVER TEST AREA FOR 48 HOURS Examine test area periodically over the next 48 hours. If you have no reaction, proceed with lamination. If, at any time, you experience any reactions such as itching, irritation, burning, redness, swelling or eruptions, in or around the test area — DO NOT USE LAMINATION ON HAIR OR SKIN. IN CASE OF REACTION DURING OR AFTER LAMINATION, rinse out and gently cleanse immediately. Discontinue use. If you experience difficulty breathing, tightness of chest and/or hives or swelling at any place on the body, obtain medical assistance immediately.


If you have ever experienced any allergic reaction following the use of a lamination product, do not use this or any other lamination product. LAMINATION PRODUCTS CAN CAUSE SEVERE ALLERGIC REACTIONS. READ AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE ON PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 16. DO NOT USE LAMINATIN IF: • You have a rash on your face or sensitive • You have ever experienced a reaction after lamination your brows or lashes. AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES. RINSE IMMEDIATELY IF PRODUCT COMES INTO CONTACT WITH EYES. WEAR GLOVES WHEN USING PRODUCT. READ AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. REMEMBER TO PERFORM THE SKIN ALLERGY TEST 48 HOURS BEFORE EACH USE, EVEN IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY USED THIS OR LAMINATION PRODUCTS. FOR THIS REASON BUY THIS PRODUCT TWO DAYS BEFORE YOU INTEND TO USE IT. CAUTION: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS INGREDIENTS WHICH MAY CAUSE SKIN IRRITATION ON CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS AND A PRELIMINARY 48-HOUR SKIN ALLERGY TEST ACCORDING TO ACCOMPANYING DIRECTIONS SHOULD BE DONE FIRST. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. • Do not use on body hair. • Avoid prolonged skin contact. • Remove contact lenses before applying lamination products • Keep the empty package for a few days in case you experience a reaction. Lamination products may not used sooner than 6 weeks per application • Keep away from heat or light. • Do not mix this product with any other product.